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Wenzhou Jueng Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises that manufactures, sells and researches paper container equipment. Specializing in the production of a series of disposable environmentally-friendly paper straw equipment, paper machine product molding machinery equipment: Paper pipette machine ,paper machine paper lunch box machine paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, paper cake tray forming machine, paper cup sticking machine. After continuous technological innovation and independent development and design, the company's main products are: JNZG-50 immortal steel high-speed pipette; paper plate (disc) molding machine (ZDJ-600, ZDJ-500, ZDJ-400); disposable paper cup Molding machine (JBZ-A12, JBZ-S12, JBZ-A16/S16, JBZ-A22/S22); Disposable paper bowl forming machine (JBZ-D30, JBZ-S30); coat bonding machine (paper cup coat machine, paper) Bowl coat machine); cake tray (dish, dish) forming machine (DGT-A, DGT-B); paper lunch box forming machine (PLBM-A, ZHCJ-II), ZHCJ-III square paper bowl forming machine; and JB -12 paper cup sticking machine and other series of equipment, and can be customized according to customer requirements for special specifications of paper container forming machinery.
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The most vatality green dishwares and kitchenwares in 21st Century are paper cups,...
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